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We offer treatments with miraDry®

Thanks to the new microwave technology, we can now offer a lasting treatment results when treating underarm sweat.
miraDry® is the name of the machine, which with focused microwaves “kills” a large part of the sweat glands in the armpits, which leads to a dramatic reduction in underarm sweat. The result is permanent.

We offer treatments with Botox®

Our treatments for severe sweating in other areas of the body is done with Botox®-injections in the areas where you sweat the most.

We also offer Botox®-injections for migraine headaches, teeth grinding (Bruxism) and as a treatment against wrinkles.

When it comes to sweat treatments a careful check-up of the patient’s status is done prior to treatment, to ensure that no underlying diseases are the cause of the excessive sweating.

Pain relief

Pain relief is also discussed, whether it is to be used, and if so which type is appropriate.
Here, there are several options, and together we agree on what is best for you.

After the treatment

With Botox®, you’ve either got it prescribed beforehand and have it with you, or we can arrange it at the clinic.
After the treatment, some patients experience some pain after injections, others may feel muscle weakness in the treated area and small bruises can occur.
These are temporary effects and ointment for bruises can be purchased without a prescription at the pharmacy.

After a treatment with Botox®, it is important to lubricate with lotion on the treated area, otherwise there is a risk that the skin becomes very dry and skin cracking may occur.

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