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miraDry® is a treatment that uses microwave technology to safely and effectively remove the sweat glands in the armpit, providing permanent results without surgery.


The miraDry®-treatment

Markings are made in the armpits using a template, which is selected based on your specific circumstances.

Before the treatment a local anesthetic is administered in the armpits to minimize the pain. One armpit at a time is treated, and the procedure is customized for each armpit with a number of placements of the miraDry® machine’s handset. The machine reads the template exactly, so that the same area never is treated twice. The treatment involves no surgical procedures.
Your visit to the clinic will normally take 60-90 minutes. Normally two treatments are required, three months apart to maximize the outcome and duration of the treatment.

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Male, 34 years old (patient at Victoriakliniken)
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