Severe underarm sweat – a handicap

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I am 39 years old and have long suffered from severe underarm sweat. It has been a constant concern. I work in a hospital and I remember when I started in the health care sector. At that time you had to move around between different departments and I was always nervous that I would end up at the surgery or any other area where you had to wear the green clothing. It’s very obvious when you sweat in those clothes. I also have pain problems with my neck and back and have avoided many treatments by doctors and physical therapists because of my sweating. It is so disgusting and embarrassing when it flows from the armpits.

Severe underarm sweat and clothes – a problem

It is difficult to choose clothing, especially if you want to dress up a bit. I have always dressed with “layer upon layer” to avoid the sweating to be visible.
To feel attractive and fresh when you are constantly sweating is not even something to think about. The more you worry about sweat, the more you sweat. It becomes a vicious cycle in the end.
I notice now how much it has controlled my life.

Botox ® for severe underarm sweat

Saw in a newspaper that they had started using injections with Botox for underarm sweat. I started searching on the web and found more information, but I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that it could be so easy to remove a problem that has been so hard for me.

It took probably almost a year before I found the courage to call Victoriakliniken. Got an appointment that same week. Got there incredibly nervous and obviously sweaty. What if something goes wrong?
Was greeted with warmth, serenity and great skills by Dr. Charles Randquist. The treatment took barely half an hour and wasn’t particularely paniful, it only stung a little.

Dramatic effect!

The effect would come after a couple of days and it was pure magic. All of a sudden I was completely dry in my armpits, dry like the Sahara desert. What a feeling! It is not more than 8 weeks since my treatment and I still find it hard to believe that it is true. Must check every now and then, and it’s really dry!
Now I can buy colorful clothes, go to the physiotherapist and, above all, stop worrying about sweating!

Comment about excessive underarm sweat from Dr. Randquist:
The patient who wrote this letter about their experience, is one of many thousands who suffer from excessive underarm sweat. It is known that approximately 0.5-1.0% of our population is suffering from this disability and within this group there are more men than women.

The treatment methods which have previously been offered; everything from deodorant to advanced surgery with severing of nerves, usually have not been sufficient or, in the case of surgery, sometimes also had serious complications as a result, even deaths.

Since August 2003, Botox, a known drug since 30 years, is approved for use in axillary hyperhidrosis, i.e. excessive underarm sweat. One treatment reduces sweating for an average of nine months.

Increased quality of life is something we always strive for. For the patients who suffered from excessive underarm sweat, having a treatment with Botox means just that.

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