Botox® for migraine

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Migraine is a chronic headache disorder characterized by painful, throbbing headaches aggravated by exertion.
It’s common that the pain is located in one half of the head and sometimes wandering from one side to the other. The pain comes in bouts that can be anything from half an hour up to four days.
The frequency of these attacks can be from a few times a year to several times a week. Many people with migraine experience a heightened sensitivity to light and sound.
It is not unusual that during an attack one prefers to lie undisturbed in a dark room.

The word migraine originates from the Greek word hemikrania, which means “half skull”.

Scientists discovered that there is a correlation between the muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead and the headache, and that the pain can disappear when the muscle in the forehead looses some of its function, which takes place at a Botox® treatment.
Botox for migraine can therefore be an effective treatment method.

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