Pain relief

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There are different options for pain relief. The right option for you, is something we agree upon before the treatment.

IVRA = Intravenous regional anesthesia.
IVRA is used as pain relief when hands and/or feet are treated.
This involves injecting an anesthetic into the area that’s to be treated. For the anaesthetic to be “kept in place” in the desired area, we use strain gauges, in order to prevent the circulation in the area in question.
Before the cuffs are put on, a central line is placed as far out as possible on the hand or foot to be treated, to give local anesthesia. After this, the cuff bracelet is filled with air, to increase pressure, and the anesthetic is administered slowly. It can burn and sting a little bit, and that’s because the nerves, mainly pain nerves becomes stunned. This is transient and have subsided after about 2 minutes. After the anesthesia has taken effect, after about 20 minutes, the treatment with Botox ® injections begins.
After the treatment you can feel a numbness of the hands/feet, but this passes after 1-2 hours.

Those who do not wish the IVRA may instead get morphine as a pain relief. It can also be used as a complement to the IVRA.
The morphine used is fast acting and leaves the body quickly. The morphine is given through a central line in the arm.
The possible side effects is nausea but this can be prevented with medication. In this case, this is also given through the central line.
The effect of Morphine is that you become tired/sleepy and a bit “jaded”, which means that you can more easily accept any pain you experience during the injections.
Afterwards you have the possibilty to stay and rest for a bit but as mentioned, the morphine leaves the body quickly, and the dosage is NOT ADDICTIVE.

EMLA is an anesthetic cream that is applied to the area to be treated. It can be purchased without a prescription at pharmacies. It is important to apply the cream an hour before the treatment itself so that it has time to work.
Alternatively, we can help with this at the clinic but in this case you must come an hour before the start of treatment.
EMLA may be used on the entire body, but read the instructions carefully before you apply it to yourself and take into account the possible side effects, dosage information, and if you have allergies.
Follow the recommendations in the attached leaflet!

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