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The body’s sweating is controlled by the hypothalamus and the limbic system of the brain. The body is sweating to cool down as well as creating better grip for hands and feet.
Those who suffer from Hyperhidrosis, experiences an abnormal sweat reaction from heat, stress and physical effort.

Hyperhidrosis Primary, is divided into two groups: General and focal.
With General Hyperhidrosis the sweating occurs on the whole body, but most often from the torso and the head.  The debut of this often comes late in life, after 50 years of age, and triggering factors are mainly heat and effort but also stress. With the general type, the hypothalamus is involved.

Focal Hyperhidrosis involves sweat only from some places on the body, usually double-sided and symmetric. Common combinations are: feet-hands, axillaries (armpits)-hands-feet and axillaries-groin.

The problems can appear already during childhood, primarily through sweating of the hands and feet.

Severe axillary sweating, i.e. sweating of the armpits, usually appear during adolescence.  The trigger is mainly stress, but heat and physical effort can play a part here also. With the focal type, the limbic system is involved.
abnormal sweating is hereditary.

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