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Welcome to the sweat clinic at Victoriakliniken.

Vicrtoriakliniken has many years of experience in the treatment of severe sweating.

Excessive sweating, or Hyperhidrosis, can be a severe handicap that restricts or inhibits, and thus negatively affect quality of life, especially in social settings and in the workplace.

miradry ®

Victoriakliniken can offer treatments with lasting results with miraDry ® for excessive underarm sweat.

Learn more about miraDry ® HERE.

Botox ®

We also offer Botox® treatments against sweating, and we also very successfully use Botox® treatments against migraine and pain from teeth grinding (bruxism).

Many patients experience a great relief after receiving a treatment that actually helps.

Learn more about the different treatments on these pages, and then book a time for a consultation or treatment.

Welcome to Victoriakliniken’s sweat clinic!

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