About Botox

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Botox®, or botulinum toxin type A is a registered medicine.
It is a muscle relaxant that is injected either in muscles or skin, depending on the treatment.

The drug works by partially blocking the nerve impulses in the treated muscles which reduces the contractions of these muscles.

About Botox and sweat treatment

When it is injected into the skin Botox affects nerves that control the sweat glands – sweat production decreases.

About Botox and Bruxism

Whith teeth grinding (Bruxism) Botox helps by preventing muscles that cause the compaction of the jaws, to work as hard.

About Botox and migraine

In chronic migraine, it is believed that Botox blocks the pain signal which in turn prevents migraine to develop.
However, it is still unknown exactly how Botox works on migraines.

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